Coleman Homes is proud to join Toll Brothers, America's Luxury Home Builder. Our Commitment Continues

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Our Commitment to You

From its inception as a family-owned real estate company to its present position as a member of the trusted Toll Brothers family, Coleman Homes remains committed to the preservation and appreciation of home values.

Like Coleman Homes, Toll Brothers is committed to building quality homes and communities and providing an exceptional experience. Here's what you can expect from our new relationship with Toll Brothers:

  • We will become "Coleman Homes, A Toll Brothers Company" but we'll continue to operate with the same company vision and commitment to our customers.
  • Our president and co-founder Thomas Coleman Jr. will continue to lead, with the benefit of support from the Toll family. Gary Mayo will serve as group president, which includes divisions in Reno and Las Vegas, NV.
  • Our Team of Experts will continue to serve you from our Sales Centers, Online Support, Design Gallery, Warranty Department, and Corporate Office.
  • We'll continue to stand behind our product, warranty, and customer service with an unchanging commmitment to excellence and your complete satisfaction.
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New Benefits for You

Toll Brothers is an exceptional national home building company with an outstanding reputation—they've been building high quality, luxury homes and communities all across the nation for close to 50 years. As brand-new members of the Toll Brothers family, we're excited about all the new benefits we'll be able to bring to you!

Now, with greater resources at the ready, we can develop more land throughout the Treasure Valley, giving you more community locations to choose from.

We'll also have improved access to top-performing products, so our home buyers can choose from among an even wider array of high quality finishes, features and colors for personalizing their homes.

Best of all, we'll be backed by the knowledge and expertise of an award-winning industry leader who shares our vision for providing superior service — and that means an even better home buying experience for you!

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Learn More About Toll Brothers

Toll Brothers, an award-winning Fortune 600 company, embraces a dedicated commitment to quality and customer service.

Since 1967 Toll Brothers has been creating luxury communities in the best locations across the country. Toll Brothers is currently building nationwide and is a publicly owned company whose stock is listed on the New York Stock Exchange (NYSE-TOL).

In FORTUNE Magazine's 2016 Survey of The World's Most Admired Companies* Toll Brothers was ranked #6 worldwide across ALL INDUSTRIES in Quality of Products / Services Offered after Apple, Walt Disney, Amazon, Alphabet, and Nordstrom, and before Netflix and Facebook. In the same 2016 survey, Toll Brothers was named the #1 Home Builder Worldwide.


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