Feng Shui 101

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-Use wreaths, greeters, or the latest trend of monogrammed initials on the front door to create a welcoming and inviting home.
-Add plants, especially evergreens.
-Make sure the pathway and front door is well lit at night.

-Leave dirty shoes or broken items on the steps or near the door.
-Let your garage draw more attention than your front door.
-Leave stacks of paper or trash near the door-inside or outside.

Photo Courtesy of Better Homes and Gardens

-Use warm lighting like halogen to make food more appealing.
-Keep the kitchen simple, and do not overload it with miscellaneous items.
-If your stove faces a wall, think about placing a mirror on the blacksplash.  This way it will reflect the room, and you’ll still be able to see your guests/family while cooking.

-Use fluorescent lights as they do not make anyone or anything attractive!
-Keep knives visible; instead put them away in a cabinet or pantry.
-Keep old food- YUCK!
Dining Room
-Use white plates- they allow the food to be the focal point during a meal.
-Add artwork- beautiful scenery or images of food is ideal.
-Buy a round table vs. a square/rectangle table if you’re in the market.  Don’t get me wrong- both are great!  The round/oval table is just a bit more welcoming without the point edges.
-Make it a point to make all chairs comfy and cozy.

-Get a large table to fill a small room.  Be mindful of which table will still allow you to walk around comfortably.
Coleman Homes
Living Room
-Marry your furniture.  Have all furniture face together so they’re in a relationship to one another.
-Use comfortable couches and chairs.  You do not want this to have the museum-effect feeling.
-Use lighter and uplifting colors since this is where most casual hang outs take place.
-Have fun with the lighting, and hang pictures at eye level.
-Place curtain rods as high as you can above the window without hitting the ceiling.  This dramatic effect will make your ceiling seem much taller.

-Have television cables power strip cords showing at all times.
-Use too many pillows on the couch.
-Sit directly beneath beams in the ceiling for a long period of time.
-Have a couch or chair’s back facing the entrance of a room.
Coleman Homes
Home Office
-Place your desk directly in the opposite spot of the door.  This is called the “power spot”.
-Use inspirational colors and artwork.
-Add plants to counter-balance the effects of electronics.

-Sit directly in line of the door.
-Pile up paperwork
-Sit with your back towards the door, or hang a mirror.
-Use a headboard, or create a headboard with images/objects. Use odd numbers based upon the size of the bed.
-Position the bed directly opposite of the door.
-Use warm and sooth colors that make you feel at ease.
-Use two bedside tables, and make sure the bed is approachable from both sides.
-Keep all bedroom doors closed at night.

-Place a mirror at the foot of the bed.
-Put your bed in a direct line of the door.
Coleman Homes
-Use bath soaps, new linens and plants.
-Use earth and fire elements.
-Keep this simple and clean.


-Leave the toilet seat up.
-Leave the shower curtain open.
-Leave multiple bottles of shampoo/conditioner in the shower.