New Classic Dutch Doors Available Now!

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Classics We Love
Classics We Love

Who doesn’t love the classic functionality of Dutch Doors? Now, you can incorporate the vintage favorite into your brand new Coleman Home. This is a terrific new option available in the Design Gallery and is a favorite for families who want the ease and convenience of being able to close the bottom half of the door while keeping the top half of the door open. Get the open space you want to keep pets or kids in one area, while keeping the top half visible and open. There’s also a handy shelf on the bottom half of the door and a latch to lock the upper half to the base when you want both closed. We’re pretty sure the television shows Full House & the Brady Bunch had a few handy Dutch Doors; your new Coleman Home should have classic convenience and a style statement too! Contact a sales consultant near you today to see which floor plan you like it in the most!