Our Coleman Homes Team of Experts — Fall Creek

On just about any Monday afternoon you can find the assembled Team of Experts at each Coleman Homes community applauding their home buyers.

“Johnsons are framing on Friday,” the team captain will say, causing the rest of the group to erupt in a round of claps and cheers. It might sound like a funny kind of pep rally but instead, it’s standard procedure for these team members as they meet each week to review the progress of their home buyers’ build jobs. Going through their list home by home, they discuss ways to avoid any potential snags and make each build go as smoothly as possible — and every milestone is a reason to celebrate.

“We remind ourselves that every home is personal, and every detail is important,” says Sara Morgan, one of the team captains. “Our meetings are about doing everything we can to give each home buyer a truly amazing build experience.”

Our Team of Experts are just a few of the folks who help to bring your new-home dream to life – and we want to bring you a closer look behind the scenes!  Join us on Tuesdays as we highlight a team from one of our Coleman Homes communities.

Fall Creek

Fall Creek

This week we’re shining a spotlight on our Team of Experts at Fall Creek. From the warm and energetic atmosphere pervading the Sales Center at this beautiful South Meridian community, you can tell that this is a group of people who enjoy each other’s company and love what they do! Their weekly meetings are punctuated by friendly chatter and good-natured laughs, and their home buyers are named like old friends.

“I love getting to know our home buyers along the construction journey,” said Sales Coordinator Amy Ditton. “We talk about the progress on their new home, but we also talk about their families, their home towns, their pets – their lives. By the time their build is complete, we all have a real connection.”

Fall CreekThe Fall Creek team does all it can to create and strengthen that personal connection – everything from personalizing home buyers’ hard hats and packets of information, to snapping family photos during structural orientation and walk-thru’s.

“Building a home is a milestone experience for most families – something they’ll want to remember,” Amy said. “I love capturing those candid moments, like that second when a kid gets to see his new bedroom for the first time. Those photos are something families can hang onto for years to come.”

That attention detail is just one small piece in the effort to make every home buyer’s build experience as good as it can possibly be — but it’s something that this Team of Experts shares.

“We may all come from different places and bring different kinds of experience to the table, but one thing we all share is the desire to help our home buyers’ dreams come true,” said Sales Manager Brandon Earl. “That’s one thing we all love about this job, and we have to work together to make that happen.”

If you’d like to learn more about this distinctive community or meet the Team of Experts that keeps things humming behind the scenes, we invite you to come by for a visit!  We’ll be glad to tell you all about life at Fall Creek and help you along the path to your dream home.

Fall Creek’s Sales Center and three fully-decorated models are open daily: 11AM Tuesday – Sunday and Monday 3PM – 7PM. Appointments are available for earlier times and on special occasions – just call ahead.