Our Coleman Homes Team of Experts — The Oaks

On just about any Monday afternoon you can find the assembled Team of Experts at each Coleman Homes community applauding their home buyers.

“Johnsons are framing on Friday,” the team captain will say, causing the rest of the group to erupt in a round of claps and cheers. It might sound like a funny kind of pep rally but instead, it’s standard procedure for these team members as they meet each week to review the progress of their home buyers’ build jobs. Going through their list home by home, they discuss ways to avoid any potential snags and make each build go as smoothly as possible — and every milestone is a reason to celebrate.

“We remind ourselves that every home is personal, and every detail is important,” says Sara Morgan, one of the team captains. “Our meetings are about doing everything we can to give each home buyer a truly amazing build experience.”

Our Team of Experts are just a few of the folks who help to bring your new-home dream to life – and we want to bring you a closer look behind the scenes!  Join us on Tuesdays as we highlight a team from one of our Coleman Homes communities. Today, our spotlight shines on the Team of Experts at The Oaks in Meridian!

The Oaks

Taking care of little things makes a big difference at The Oaks in Meridian.

“It might be something as simple as oiling a squeaky front door on one of the model homes, or picking up a gum wrapper that dropped in the parking lot,” said Bill Stanton, who heads up the weekly Team of Experts meeting at this vibrant Meridian community.

“Each little thing we do might not seem like a big deal — but together those things can really influence a home buyer’s experience when they visit us here at the Sales Center and Model Complex. We want to take care of anything that could keep folks from feeling right at home.”

That attention to detail requires focus and a real commitment to excellence — and these are qualities this team has in spades. Their weekly meetings are full of lively discussion that’s frequently punctuated by the question, “how can we do things better?”

“We really take our home buyer’s concerns to heart,” said Customer Care Manager Mike Luciano. “The fit of a door, the location of a light switch, a floorboard with a squeak in it – all those things really matter to our home buyers, and they really matter to us. If there’s a way we can avoid a problem by doing something proactively, that’s what we want to do.”

The OaksAt The Oaks, this level of care and commitment is trained not just upon light switches and floorboards, but upon the home buyers themselves.

“Things can get busy here at the Sales Center,” said Sales Consultant David Cruz, “but we really work hard to give our full attention to every person that comes in. We want to answer their questions and give them all the information they need, so that they know exactly what to expect when it comes to their build.”

And that’s the kind of dedication you’ll find all throughout The Oaks community, in everyone from Sales to Construction, to Warranty, and beyond. As Assistant Construction Manager Bentson Henderson puts it, “We’ve come to realize that it takes every one of us to bring a home owner’s dream to reality.”

If you’d like to learn more about this distinctive community or the Team of Experts that keeps things humming behind the scenes, we invite you to come by for a visit!  We’ll be glad to tell you all about life at The Oaks and help you along the path to your dream home. The Oak’s Sales Center and six fully-decorated models are open daily: 11AM Tuesday – Sunday and Monday 3PM – 7PM. Appointments are available for earlier times and on special occasions – just call ahead.