Get Organized!

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Out with the Old, In with the New

Fast on the heels of the holiday celebration comes January, urging us all toward a fresh start! If you’re one who likes to make resolutions for the new year you’ve probably already got a lineup of goals and priorities laid out for the days to come – but have you thought about adding home organization to the list?

The busy schedule most of us keep during holiday months can wreak havoc on our homes, leaving us with a litter of toys, gift wrap, seasonal décor, and general chaos that can persist long past January. Making a “clean sweep” at the start of the year is a great way to get things off on the right foot!

Get the Whole Family Together

A big task becomes easier when everyone shares the load, so start by asking for help. Kids can tackle bedrooms or playrooms while adults and teens get a jump on high traffic areas like the kitchen, entry, and family room. If little ones need help with motivation, try making it into a game! Set a timer and compete to see how many items you can each put away in a ten-minute period.

Sort and Simplify

Messy counters, tables and floors can make your whole home feel disordered, so start by attacking the clutter! Designate three piles – Keep, Toss, and Donate – and use them to sort the stray items you find as you clear surfaces, closets and cabinets. Are there holiday decorations you didn’t use this year? Chances are you won’t even remember them next season, so why not put them in the Donate pile? Ditto any duplicate gifts you received, or ones that don’t fit properly. Some families use the “one-for-three” rule at the holidays: for every new gift you get, choose three things to go in the Donate or Toss pile.

A Place for Everything…

Once you’ve cleared surfaces and streamlined clutter, bring sanity to your space with some thoughtful organization. Grouping items together by function (such as clothing by season) makes it easier to find what you need as you carry out everyday tasks. Storage containers can help you create a “home” for the items your family uses most, and don’t forget to add easy-to-read labels so everyone knows where everything belongs. For very young kids, attach a photo to each toy storage bin so it’s easy to return playthings to their proper place.

A Home that’s Tidy is Tranquil

Cleaning and organizing on this level can become an all-day (or all weekend!) event, but don’t let the size of the task daunt you. You’ll thank yourself come June when you’re finally able to don the flip-flops that were buried in the back of your closet, or gather all the supplies you need for a summer picnic without turning the entire pantry upside down. A home that’s streamlined lets you live with less stress, and gives you more time to concentrate on the people and things that matter most. Here’s to a happy (and organized!) 2018!

Danielle is an expert at the Coleman Homes Design Gallery, where she loves helping clients see their dream homes come to life. To find out more about Danielle or learn more about building your own dream home, schedule a Design Gallery tour – it’s as easy as a click of your mouse!