Our Coleman Homes Team of Experts — Online Sales Consultant Team

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Here at Coleman Homes we’ve got so many different people working together to help bring your new-home dream to life, and we want to give you a closer look behind the scenes!  This week we’re highlighting our Online Sales Consultants, an amazing team that truly shines “backstage” here at Coleman Homes!

These Online Experts are 100% Real and Ready to Help You!

These days, when you encounter one of those all-too-familiar “chat” pop-ups on a website, it’s easy to assume it’s just a clever digital talk-bot that’s been programmed to simulate real conversation. But when you visit us here at mycolemanhome.com, we want you to know that behind each one of our chat boxes you’ll find real a human being who is fully committed to giving you an outstanding online experience!

Because it serves as the first point of contact for most folks reaching out to us either by phone or by website, our Online Sales Consultant Team is the true “nerve center” here at Coleman Homes, juggling countless inquiries about all things pertaining to our three collections, eight communities, and twenty-nine floorplans. Their first order of business is helping people connect with a Coleman Homes community they’d like to visit — but because their hearts are keenly attuned to helping others, their days are filled with so much more!  At any moment you might find them offering driving directions to someone searching for a Sales Center, or talking school districts with a mom who’s contemplating a move. They’re happy to provide reassurance to a homeowner with questions about the construction process, and if a prospective homebuyer from out-of-state stops by the website, they’re glad to spill the inside scoop on everything from Idaho weather quirks to the best place to score a cup of coffee.

In short, these smart and insightful ladies wear a hundred different hats, and they do it all with a smile. Want to learn a little more about what goes on behind the chat box? Stick around to hear the inside story from their own words!


One of my favorite quotes is, ‘Make a customer, not a sale.’ I love this quote because it is simple, but true! My role as an Online Sales Consultant is gratifying because I truly enjoy the people I get the opportunity to talk to every day, helping to find the home of their dreams. I don’t really feel I am part of a sales team but part of a solution team, as the goal is not to sell, but to solve. It is such a privilege to get to help others, and I feel lucky to work at a job that allows me to work with others who share that same feeling!




I wanted to be a psychologist ever since I was a little kid. Briefly, I wanted to be a big CEO somewhere fancy, but I think that came from my desire to help people professionally in addition to helping them personally! Previously I worked at a large bank and credit union back east, and I also managed a fast food restaurant here in the Treasure Valley. The thing I like best about being an Online Sales Consultant is that I get to help people find a home they love or an answer to a question they have. It is a great way to fulfill my desire to help people while I finish school!





People say such amazing things, it is hard to choose just one quote that inspires me, but here is one of the many that I really love!  It was journalist Ann Curry who said, “Oh, let me breathe my last breath knowing that it mattered I was here, knowing that I made a difference.” I love knowing that what I do as an Online Sales Consultant really matters, because I have the great privilege of helping people at a very important step in their lives. It’s a very fulfilling feeling!



Jen, Emily and Stacy find real satisfaction in helping others through their role as Online Sales Consultants here at Coleman Homes, and they value the chance to connect with all of you! So next time you stop by our website and see that orange “chat” box pop up in the corner of your screen, we hope you’ll feel like you’re running into a real friend who’s happy to see you and ready to help!