Our Coleman Homes Team of Experts — Carriage Hill North

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Our Team of Experts are just a few of the folks who help to bring your new-home dream to life – and we want to bring you a closer look behind the scenes!  Join us on Tuesdays as we highlight a team from one of our Coleman Homes communities. Today, our spotlight shines on the Team of Experts at Carriage Hill North in Nampa!

carriage hill north

Carriage Hill North is a community full of surprises.

“People are always amazed by this place when they visit us for the first time,” said Sales Coordinator Aislinn Samuel. “They can’t believe how peaceful it feels, how pretty the view is, how beautiful it looks out by the lake.”

The lake she’s referring to is Lake Lowell, a reservoir adjoining the Deer Flat Wildlife Refuge and a longtime local favorite for boating and fishing; its close proximity to Carriage Hill North is just one of the many surprising benefits of this serene South Nampa locale. Factor in the tranquil tree-lined streets, lush green landscape and majestic Owyhee Mountain views, and it’s easy to see why more and more families have begun to choose Carriage Hill North as the place they want to plant their roots.

carriage hill northAnother surprise is all the development going on at Carriage Hill North; beyond that peaceful exterior is a community that’s growing every day. Over the past year it has opened a brand-new Model Complex and Sales Center, relocated its main entrance from West Iowa to Lake Lowell Avenue, and added a brand-new monument sign.  At the same time, Coleman Homes crews have been busy with land development in Phases 5, 6 and 7, and the construction of dozens more beautiful new Woodland Collection homes.

carriage hill northAnd now there’s another bit of news at Carriage Hill North – a striking new Emerson on West Brett Drive is Coleman Homes’ entry in the 2018 Canyon County Parade of Homes. Participating in the Parade is a bit like hosting a three-week-long house party where you get to welcome hundreds of new friends, and during this particular Team of Experts meeting right in the middle of the big event, the Carriage Hill North group is pausing to catch their breath as they go over Parade details.

Over the course of an hour, Sales Managers Bo Duffin, Shaina Gorman, and Paul Vivier discuss everything from the video presentation that loops on the TV sets to the cookies they’ll serve to Parade guests on Father’s Day. Aislinn ticks through a list of supplies, and Assistant Construction Manager Sean Moen takes note of some landscaping concerns. There’s a lot of friendly chatter and good-natured jokes, but they’re all business when it comes to managing Parade responsibilities.

“We want to make sure that our Parade home stays looking great, and it takes all of us to make that happen,” Sean says.

It’s this kind of attention to detail that helped The Emerson win three second-place awards for Best Curb Appeal, Best Master Suite, and Best Decorated in this year’s Parade — and the kind that keeps Carriage Hill North a community that continues to surprise homeowners and visitors alike with its charm.

“There’s a lot to love about living out here at Carriage Hill North,” says Customer Care Representative Don Kurts, “and every person on the team works together to keep it that way.”

If you’d like to learn more about the distinctive Carriage Hill North community or meet the Team of Experts that keeps things humming behind the scenes, this is the perfect time to come out for a visit — the Canyon County Parade of Homes is going on now through Sunday, June 24!

Click here for Parade hours and more information, or come see us during regular business hours — Carriage Hill North’s Sales Center and two fully-decorated models are open daily: 10AM – 6PM Tuesday – Sunday and Monday 3PM – 6PM.  Appointments are available for earlier times and on special occasions – just call ahead.