Our Back-to-School Round-Up

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Tried-and-True Tips for the Busy Weeks Ahead

Though it might be hard to tell from our current high temperatures, Fall really is just around the corner! While I always look forward to the routine of school and the return to a regular schedule, it’s always bittersweet to see those lazy summer days come to an end. One thing that seems to make the transition a little easier is getting things super-organized at home! Some pre-planning goes a long way, especially during this busy back-to-school season with its whirlwind of crazy mornings, late-night homework sessions, and afternoons crammed with sports practices and activities. Here are a few handy tips for getting your home in order so you can make the most of the busy weeks ahead!

Plan Ahead for Family Meals

I make a family meal plan to save time and money and to help my family eat healthier. It might sound like a daunting task, but it’s actually easier than you think! Start by listing seven dinners you make frequently, and note them on a meal plan posted to your refrigerator. Then create a shopping list, with items divided into categories that correspond to the sections in your supermarket.  With your list neatly organized into Dairy, Bread, Meat, Canned Goods, Produce, etc., shopping will be a snap – and the next time someone asks, “what’s for dinner?” you can point to your meal plan and say, “pick one!” I find it really saves time on busy school nights, and helps my family eat together more frequently, too.

Put Your Fridge and Pantry to Work

Make lunch prep fast and easy by creating two “lunch stations” — one in your pantry and one in your refrigerator.  The refrigerator station should hold sandwich fixings, along with healthy snacks like pre-cut fruits and veggies, while the pantry station can organize non-perishable snacks and lunchboxes or containers. It saves time on busy mornings, and it’s great for older kids who are learning to take on lunch prep by themselves!

Make Your Mudroom Super-Convenient

If you’ve got a mudroom like the one pictured above in our Carlisle model at Lilac Springs, you’re already ahead of the family-organization game!  In preparation for the busy back-to-school season, designate a mudroom hook for every member of the family so they can easily stash coats, book bags, hats, or umbrellas.  Stock your mudroom storage cabinet with a labeled bin for each person, as well – these make great catch-alls for notebooks, library books, permission slips, and other essential items kids need to grab as they run out the door.

Create a Home that Really Works

If you’ve been thinking about a new home, you might consider incorporating some of these great organizational features into your plans! Here at Coleman Homes, we offer gourmet kitchen options with spacious pantries, mudrooms with convenient coat-hooks and built-in cabinets for tons of storage, and kitchen islands with breakfast bars that make it easy for kids to catch a quick bite on busy mornings. Want to explore some of these options for yourself? Visit our model homes page to browse hundreds of photos and take 3D tours, or schedule a preview tour at our Design Gallery. We’ll be glad to guide you through our hands-on displays and full-size samples so you can get some great ideas for creating the fabulous functional family home you’ve always dreamed of!