Table Centerpieces 101

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Create Fresh Looks You’ll Love with These Easy Tips!

We’re welcoming the first official day of Spring, and with the arrival of a new season comes the itch to switch up my home décor!  Fortunately, it only takes a few small touches to make things feel fresh, and centerpieces are an easy way to begin. Here are a few tips!

Try the Table Tray

Start by selecting a great container like my current favorite, the decorative table tray! Trays are handy for serving foods and beverages, but they’re also an incredibly versatile way to accessorize a coffee table, dining table, night table, or vanity.  A collection of disparate items instantly looks pulled-together and stylish when grouped in a tray — and today you can find trays made from so many different types of materials, it’s easy to find something that complements just the look you’re going for. Wooden trays are perfect for a Rustic, Farmhouse, or Eclectic style, while wicker works well for Coastal or Bohemian. Antique silver enhances an elegant, vintage look, while a metallic tray with sleek lines accents modern décor.

Have Fun Grouping Items

Once you’ve selected your tray, it’s time to gather some decorative items for display! Seasonal centerpieces are always fun (think maple leaves and gourds in Autumn, holiday ornaments and candles in Winter, fresh flowers in Spring, and seashells or succulent plants in Summer), but don’t stop there! Table trays are also great for creating distinctive little vignettes that reflect your personality. Simply choose a filler like floral garland or stems, then nestle in your favorite small decorative items, like candles, vases, small books, or figurines. Just remember that groupings usually look best when you follow the Rule of Three (triads are more pleasing to the eye than pairs), and when you vary the height of and scale items for visual balance.

Prefer a simpler centerpiece? A table tray still works! Try omitting the filler and selecting three large focal pieces for the tray, like a vase, wicker ball, and small books – or even choose a trio of similar objects, like the three contemporary vases shown above.

Create Seasonal Accents in a Snap

Table tray centerpieces are an easy way to create a fresh home accent for every season, just by switching out a few elements. Why not give them a try in your home this Spring?