Make a Statement this Spring

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From Subtle to Standout, Contrast Transforms Your Space


I love this time of year when the clouds begin to lift and the light lasts just a little longer each day! Before we know it, the grass will perk up, the trees will begin to bloom, and the sun’s warmth will infuse everything with a new surge of energy. If this season of beginnings has you longing to hit the “refresh” button on your home décor, you’re not alone!

Even if we’re not able to manage the complete home makeover of our dreams, sometimes one small change can make a big difference in the way our rooms look and feel. A fresh coat of paint with contrasting trim is just that sort of change!

For a long time, white-painted trimwork was almost a foregone conclusion in home décor – but I’m loving today’s trend of trading familiar white for something fresh. Grey, black, and even bold hues are popping up everywhere, and it’s amazing how much depth and personality that little bit of contrast can add to the look of your rooms. When you paint your trimwork a darker color than your walls, it draws the eye upwards, making rooms feel more open and expansive. It’s a crisp, modern look that works with any kind of trim and any style of décor!

If your rooms are looking a bit tired, why not give this trend a try? Play with neutrals, add a contrasting hue for a twist, and soon you’ll find yourself sitting back on your sofa, admiring the fresh life and color this little change can bring!