Your Design Studio Experience, Part I

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Discover the Who, What, When, and Where of your Design Appointments!

Personalizing your new home is much like assembling a puzzle. You look at all the pieces, organize them into categories and assemble the image one step at a time. The selections process is an exciting piece of this puzzle! After securing your structural options and proceeding with your contract, the next big milestone is the Design Appointments, where you choose the finishing touches that ultimately personalize your new home.

In this blog series, we want to illuminate the before, during and after stages of your experience at the Design Studio, so read on for some practical insight to help you prepare for the appointments to come!


Meet our Coleman Homes Design Consultants.
They’re an important part of the selection process — and so are you!

Our Design Consultants aim to guide you through the selections process so that your new home is “uniquely you!”  Trust their professional expertise, but also maintain confidence in your own instincts — and when it comes to weighing the input of friends and family members, remember that your opinions about your home are the ones that matter most! Too many outside viewpoints on what your new home should look like can cloud the process, and trying too hard to please everyone or mimicking something you’ve seen elsewhere may lead your selections astray. If you want to remain authentic to your true taste and lifestyle, trust your intuition!


Here is exactly what you can expect at your design appointments!

Design Appointments are conducted by a Design Consultant, and the number of appointments you’ll need depends upon the floorplan you’ve selected! A Garden or Woodland Collection floorplan will require two 3-hour appointments, for a total of six hours at the Design Studio. If you’ve selected a floorplan from the Highland or Countryside Collections, you’ll receive two 3-hour sessions and an additional finalization appointment when necessary. During your appointments, your Design Consultant will guide you through your selections using checklists and slideshows to help you make informed decisions. We encourage you to prepare a bit beforehand by determining a basic budget and considering your general design preferences, but you are not required to have your selections made prior to your appointment. Our Design Consultants will be there to help you every step of the way, and we’ll also provide snacks and beverages throughout your sessions to help keep you comfortable and focused.


Here’s the appointment timeline you can expect!

After you sign your contract, you will be invited back to the sales office for a Hello-to-Home appointment where you’ll sign off on your site plan, receive your online portal log-in information and finally, schedule your design appointments. Remember — all visits to our Design Studio are by appointment only! That’s because we want to maintain a serene, comfortable atmosphere where our homebuyers can make these all-important selections without any distractions. But that doesn’t mean your time at the Design Studio will be all business and no fun!  Our Design Consultants love getting to know each homebuyer and they genuinely enjoy what they do, so be prepared for friendly conversation and a few laughs.


Come see us at our new Meridian location!

Our brand-new Design Studio is located at 3633 West Overland Road in  Meridian, Idaho. We think you’ll love our state-of-the-art showroom filled with an extensive menu of high-performing, industry-leading products! With full-size displays and hundreds of hands-on samples, we make it easy to select features and finishes to create the new home you’ve always dreamed of.

Join us next time as we highlight the next piece of the puzzle – the Why and How of your Design Gallery Appointments!