Easy Holiday Centerpieces

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Brighten your Holiday Home
with Stunning (and Simple!) Accents

This time of year, it’s the little things that make your home feel holiday-ready. A cozy blanket on the back of a sofa, a bright red poinsettia blooming by the fire, or a delicious hint of ginger and cinnamon wafting from the kitchen all say “seasons greetings” even before you hang the lights or deck the tree.

A beautiful dining table centerpiece is another small touch that makes a big impact – and you won’t believe how easy it is to create something spectacular without investing a lot of money! I’ve collected a few fun, festive displays that are made with everyday items and bits of décor that you probably already have around the house – and they’ll dress up your holiday table in no time.

Clever Containers

A simple wooden vessel makes a perfect start for your pretty holiday display. Place a lantern in the center of a wooden tray, then add berries and pine cones along with a few glass balls for a bit of color. Or take a “found” piece like the old wooden seed box (shown above) and fill it with evergreens before layering in favorite items like small ornaments and battery-operated candles. The combination of rustic wood and natural elements will provide a pleasing contrast to the season’s shiny décor.

Cranberry Pinecones

Plain pine cones become pretty accents with a simple splash of color! Spray paint that includes a primer will cover your cones in just a couple of coats, and it comes in gorgeous season-ready shades like Cranberry and Brushed Metallic Silver. Pile the painted cones in a shallow bowl or tray for an easy dash of holiday cheer.

Jolly Glass Jars

Got some spare mini ornaments among your holiday decorations? Grab a clear glass container or apothecary jar and load it up!  Hint: if you don’t have quite enough ornaments for your container, use a filler – like a cardboard toilet tissue roll – to take up some of the space. Simply put the filler in first, then layer in the ornaments to conceal it.  It’s a quick, colorful addition to any table!

Get Creative

These are just a few of the great DIY seasonal centerpiece ideas out there, so I encourage you to explore your household items and leftover décor for pieces you can combine to create your own holiday masterpiece. Happy holiday crafting, everyone!