Design Studio Spotlight — The Inspiring Home Workspace

Home offices have become so important as we navigate these ever-changing times! Many of us are working remotely while our kids tackle school online, and now more than ever we need comfortable, efficient workspaces that actually work. Wondering how to make yours even better? Read on to discover helpful tips and practical inspiration from our model homes.

Create a Dedicated Space

Maintaining a healthy work/life balance is one of the most challenging aspects of our new work-from-home world, but creating a dedicated workspace can help. A den, spare bedroom, or bonus room can all make a great home office but regardless of the space you choose, try to select one that’s a bit removed from your family’s everyday traffic. You’ll be able to focus on your projects more effectively and also prevent work from encroaching on that all-important family time.

Quiet Yet Connected

When it comes to a home study space, it’s helpful to select a quiet area that’s conducive to concentration, but also one that’s easily accessible for both parents and kids. Need some inspiration? The upstairs loft in The Kirkham model home at Fairhaven is a fun, functional haven where kids can easily buckle down to schoolwork while still remaining connected to the rest of the family.

Elevate Your Lighting

Adequate lighting is essential for keeping you alert and focused as you work from home – but though it needs to be functional, it doesn’t have to be boring. Consider designs that illuminate your space while also highlighting the things you love, as in The Kingston model home at Cartwright Ranch where lighting brightens the desk, along with shelves that display treasured objects.

Stay Organized with Smart Storage

Peaceful, productive workdays at home depend upon a practical system for organizing documents and supplies. Built-in storage makes it easy to manage workplace essentials, while also adding style and interest to your space.

Add Some Personality

Let your home office reflect the energy and passion you bring to your work by showcasing the things that you love! Photos of friends and family, beloved books, travel keepsakes, or colorful artwork can all lift your spirits throughout the day. Gallery shelves like those in The Ashford model home at Legacy make it easy to change up the display to suit your mood.

Let Our Model Homes Inspire You

With a little careful planning you can create a home work space that fosters creativity, boosts your mood, and motivates you to check everything off your to-do list! Looking for even more ideas? We invite you to visit our model homes page where you can explore photo galleries and experience 3D tours that are brimming with home workspace inspiration.